The Zen of Social Media Marketing / 2

The Zen of Social Media Marketing / 2

Zen of Social Media MarketingI´ve made an article about Shama Kabani´s book “The Zen of Social Media Marketing” in April, where I gave a short introduction. Topics were the ACT methodology, the BOD model and some words on conversion tools.

I ended the article with stating that our website is our best convertion tool.

Shama Kabani points it out almost perfectly what´s most important:

Having a website. It´s expected, it´s efficient and it converts.

She talks about another model: EMS

A great website must EDUCATE, MARKET and SELL (EMS.)

There are also 7 key elements of a great website written in her book.

  1. Design: Looks matter.
  2. Lead capture mechanism with free giveaway: The area on your website where visitors can input their name and email address is called a “lead capture mechanism”. The majority of visitors will not purchase right away. It´s your job to make sure you give them options that allow you to stay in touch with them.
  3. Structure: The structure must guide visitors through your webpage.
  4. Content: … is king.
  5. Social Media Integration: Make it easy for visitors to share the information with their networks.
  6. Optimization: SEO, no broken links, enough backlinks, organized content and so on.
  7. Maintenance

The following article which is in today´s environment almost as important as the website itself: SEO

She gives great examples about Keyword Research, Technical Issues, On-page factors, Link Building and and and. SEO and a high ranking on Google is so incredibly important for a project/website´s succees that I´ll post an own article only about SEO impacts, tools and requirements (it will be at least an overview because this topic is huge and complexe and would be beyond my scope of a standard article).

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