You don’t have to be local

You don´t have to be local

This is a GREAT article by Derek Sivers once again.

“You can focus your time locally or globally.

But if you over-commit yourself locally, you under-commit yourself globally, and vice-versa.”

You don’t have to be local


It´s great because right now there are some decisions for me to make about a new project coming up. Where should we set our focus? Offer local services or think globally.

My opinion is/was always that it´s in some cases more comfortable to start locally to use your existing network or at least your ability to network in person.

But why shouldn´t we “think big” right away?

As Derek says in the end that beeing local or global neither is right or wrong – instead both are kinda neccesary. It definitely depends on what kind of business you are doing BUT at least we can think about switching from (only) local to (more) global and what it would change. Maybe we´ll get new ideas or even new opportunities!


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