Why Do We Pay To Learn?

Why Do We Pay To Learn? (Repost)

Since I love reading (and buying) books, attending seminars and try to get my daily dose of learning this article is pretty interesting to me.

Chris Brogan, a successfull blogger, President of Human Business Works and great speaker, wrote an article about …

Why Do We Pay To Learn?

What´s great in his article is that he talks about a behavior I think about often. Most of us buy (for example) books we already know the answers. “When you buy a book about a diet or weight loss, it’s not like you’re going to be surprised most times.” I´m addicted to books from Kiyosaki (great discussed – loved or hated) and although I know that if I buy his new book I´ll probably know 80% of the content already, I nevertheless buy his books. I buy sometimes to reinforce what I already know or to refresh things. So – do I actually pay for redundant information I may get on the internet for free? But if I get only a few new ideas or allows a new perspective on looking at something it can be worth it.

After reading his article I like the ideas he wrote and of course I like philosophizing about the topic, but I don´t think there is a formula or anything else to figure out how much it would make sense to pay for learning. At least Chris Brogan tries to give some tips to figure out what we ´should´ pay and gives some reasons why we actually pay to learn. Even though I think it´s not possible to find an all-round “answer”, a guideline or whatsoever he presented his opinion pretty smart. And as always he ends his article with an invitation to discuss his thoughts.

It´s a quick-read – so give it a try!

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