Which part of the “Ocean” do you serve?

Which part of the “Ocean” do you serve?

Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works, wrote an article about “Does the Ocean Hold the Key to Helping You Better Define Your Business?”

He tells a story about his time on the Gulf Coast down in Texas when he thought about the ocean. A strecht of the ocean provides us Transport, fishing activities, swimming, sports, hotels and so on. Endless potential for different businesses.

Chris BroganIn thinking about that, I found myself realizing that a lot of businesses (most especially small and solo businesses) try very hard to supply all and every part of the ocean they serve. I hear web designers tell me all the time that they build sites for all and everybody. And yet that makes it very difficult to sell into, doesn´t it? If you serve the same people who build oil rigs as well as the people who want to make a sand castle [...], this might be a bit tricky.


Chris Brogan talks about focussing your business model. Pick your niche, pick your focus or market segment and go for it. Paying full attention to our chosen segment gets us way further than trying to serve everybody out there.

Our fear keeps our net cast wide, which loses us the catch

Once we know exactly where we spend our time and who we communitcate with, it´s easier to get going.

I think he is absolutely right – paying full attention to a chosen market segment is great for focusing time, energy and effort. But we should still keep in mind that it´s also important to keep eyes open and if there might appear a chance for new opportunities even though it´s the opposite direction we should be prepared to change.

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