What doesn´t kill you … makes you an Entrepreneur?

What doens´t kill you … makes you an Entrepreneur?

entrepreneur.com uploaded an article by Rebekah Iliff – What doesn´t kill you …

The author of this great article talks about what an Entrepreneur needs to be successful and how we can measure ourselves if we´ve got what we need.

She disagrees with the saying “Entrepreneurship can be taught” – she uses the phrase “genetics loads the gun and environment pulls the trigger” instead. Rebekah Iliff points out the importance of the environment of us and our understanding of an entrepreneur´s psychographics.

So – what are her key elements?:


The key traits of a serial entrepreneur are (regarding to Target Training International, Ltd.): Presuasion, Leadership and Personal Accountability.


The difficult thing is that value systems vary from person to person – but that´s why it´s most important to hold integrity and consistency instead of having no value systems or wishy-washy ones.


Stay as far as possible from a “can´t do” attitude and find a way to exchange negativity for positivity. “Entrepreneurs are positive people. They are realistic and logical, but positivity is what keeps the ship sailing when all else looks bleak.


The author gives a great example to just look back to our days as a child. We enjoyed challenges, disrupting the normal and questioned the status quo. That´s a great push to see some things from a different perspective.


An entrepreneur´s lifestyle is often not that comfortable and organized. To entrepreneurs work is not work – It´s life. And as the author started this article … What doesn´t kill you … makes you an Entrepreneur?



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