What do you hate NOT doing?

What do you hate NOT doing?

In his article Derek Sivers shares a great thought which I want to spread as well. Derek thinks about why we´re asking ourselves “What makes us happy?” over and over again? He points out that emotion-based answers often conflict with our expectations – and to be honest, he is right.

“I´m a musician, but I love working alone. Does that mean I should be a producer instead of a performer?”

Instead, we should ask ourselves: “What do you hate NOT doing?”

“What makes you feel icky, irritated, annoyed or off-track if you don´t do it enough?”


I hate not reading

Whenever it seems that there is no time for my daily Golden Hour, I´m getting nervous. I´ve set my goal and it has become my daily habit – so I hate not reading or following my daily routine.

I hate not learning

Through the reading or even doing this blog I try to learn every day something new or at least improve myself just a little. I recently started learning HTML and CSS and want to learn just a chapter a day and summarize it to recap the learned stuff from time to time. I hate when I can´t do that!

I hate not riding my motorbike

Even though last season I haven´t found the time I usually spend riding my bike, I enjoy every single time I´m finally crusing. It reminds me on different joys of life and some great memories and so I hate not riding my motorbike.

I hate not travelling

And so on ….


Asking the double-negative seems to be a better indicator of what I really love doing, than asking it in the positive.


He is absolutely right. People who are really busy but like reading or learning would say “I like reading, but I´m often too busy …” – by saying “I hate not reading!” there is the double negative and we can trick our own mindset.

And the mindset is the most powerful tool we have.

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