The genius of value creation

The genius of value creation

Getting a good deal in negotiation is not simply about claming as much value as you can. Often, a much more important (and difficult) task is to create value and increase the size of the pie. Unfortunately, too many negotiators focus most of their energy on claiming value. In doing so, they leave money on the table and walk away confident, satisfied – and also poor.

Remember: to take what is there, you must work with the other side to make what is there. And if you care about your reputation and your relationship with the other party, all the more reason to exercise the genius of value creation.

This is a part of the end of chapter 2 of the book “Negotiation Genius” by Deeprak Malhotra and Max Bazerman. It´s a masterpiece when it comes to literature about negotiation techniques.

Value Creation is one of the most interesting topics in this book. As they name it: Most people try to get as much as possible of the pie instead of trying to increase the size of the whole pie.

I highly recommend this book after studying it two times already.

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