The Email Game

The Email Game

A survey by The Radicati Group Inc. – based in Palo Alto, California – says that the average user sends 34 Emails and receives 99 Emails every day. Another survay of the Henley Management College says that managers spend at least 40 minutes answering Emails every day.


I know cases that are way above these figures.

So what to do to be more efficient? …to save some time answering or sorting Emails?

Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour-Work-Week” gives a lot of great advices. One of them is to set up fixed times for checking Emails. Let´s say at 12 a.m and 4 p.m.. At both times we should plan a fixed time frame of for example an hour. Disable Outlook popups and stick to your time frames.

For urgent cases people will call you anyway.

Having this great procedure in mind, a group of people started working on the “Email-problem” … with fun. In a Tim Ferriss manner they created “The Email Game”.

Right now this app works with Gmail.

Taking a look at the “About us” section, we see the mission of the developers follow by a presentation of the team. Seeing a guy dressed like a pirate and the next one playing a guitar – I´ll immediatly got an image of a company of business punks in my mind. Which is of course … of pretty good point in those days!

So, how does this “Game” works?

Our inbox is our playground. We have a short time frame for working on each Email and different options for answering, sorting or archiving. Now it´s our turn – collecting points by doing a good job doing our Emails. A good job means: Don´t wasting our time on Emails and being as efficient as possible.

My option? It sounds kinda crazy, new and in the first moment too weird to use … but keeping on wasting time every day is at least as weird as trying something “new”. I don´t think there is a chance that people will implement this game to their daily routine for longer period of time, but that´s actually not necessary (at least for the user) in my eyes.

After giving this game a try and getting used to doing our Emails quickly and efficient, – I´m sure – all of us can get used to this … and there won´t be a need for such a “game” anymore.

Even if you don´t need or want such a tool, just watching their clip gets you reminded of the daily time wasting by doing Emails not efficiently.

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