Some will always say you are wrong

Some will always say you are wrong

One of my favorite entrepreneurs and inspiring bloggers – Derek Sivers – made a short but very inspiring article.

It´s an important lesson he´s sharing. We have to keep this in mind whenever we make a decision, whenever we set our goals.

You have to know your preferences well, because no matter what you do, someone will tell you you’re wrong.

But if you expect this criticism in advance, and take pride in your stance, you can bash on with a smile, being who you want to be.

Then every time they say you’re wrong, that’s a sign you’re doing it right.


The New Science of Giving

The New Science of Giving

A young Houston couple is planning to give away $4 billion—but only to projects that prove they are worth it. Can they redefine the world of philanthropy?

The Wall Street Journal just posted an eyeopening article about The New Science of Giving. This is definitely a must-read because it´s like an earlier article (The way we think about charity is dead wrong) groundbreaking in charity, giving, donating …

Once people will see that it´s not only about holding out one´s hand when it comes to social projects but about being sustainable, being professional, they actually CAN “change the world” – or at least be more effective.

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The way we think about charity is dead wrong

The way we think about charity is dead wrong.

“I want to talk about social innovation and social entrepreneurship” … Dan Pallotta, founder of AIDS Ride, starts his TED Talk.

His talk is about charity and nonprofits and how many nonprofits are rewarded for “how little they spend – not for what they get done”.

This is a great point – great for discussions as well – and  I will get back to it after a short introduction into the talks as Dan did.

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