„just tell me what to do“: Compressing books into directives

I´ve read a few dozens of books and uncountable blog articles on the internet about business, marketing and entrepreneurship in the last years. In the beginning I read as many books as possible – soaking them in but recognizing that I forget most of the information a book offered me after reading the next 2-3 books.

I started summarizing them to get more out of the books and being able to re-read them from time to time.

Once started summarizing and sharing them with friends I started my blog selfvestors because this was way easier to share the insights I got from books and articles which everybody who might be interested.

This is my kinda 3-stage-process of reading a book. Reading, summazing and compressing for my blog. Through repetition and summarizing I can get the most value out of the book.

But today I´ve read a new article by Derek Sivers – “just tell me what to do”, Continue reading

A new day – we can waste it or we can use it for good


A new day – we can waste it or we can use it for good

This words Paul “Bear” Bryant, american football coach, read every single morning. We all use words like “what a wasted day again” so often without thinking about it. But if you think deeply about it -> we actually wasted a day of our life in that situation!

I love this words because especially in young ages we can do, achieve and enjoy sooo much … and even more if we think about what we pay for each day …

Doing something just for ourselves each day besides work, school, studies, … is probably the best way to get the best out of a day and sooner or later the benefits for this effort one day. (-> regarding to Brian Tracy´s golden hour I talked about in an earlier article)


With this words I wish everybody a merry chrismas and some lovely days.