Email 101: How to Write Better Subject Lines

Email 101: How to Write Better Subject Lines

emailPeople sending newsletters or doing marketing via email often face the question of finding a catchy subject line to keep the “open rate” high. made different articles about how to improve mailings, subject lines, email marketing etc. They uploaded an article called “Email 101: How to Write Better Subject Lines“.

They list three suggestions to help us increase our email open rate which are true and important.

1. Earn trust from your audience first – then get creative.

This is acutally the most important point. We can have the most catchy subject lines but as soon as we aren´t a trusted person or company chances are pretty high people won´t open our emails.

Once our brand, company or ourselves are known to the email recipients we can work with catchy subject lines.

An important part within the article is “To create that level of trust, send only useful and timely emails and make sure the same sender name is used every time. If your audience is confident that your emails deliver value, they should open them regardless of the subject line”.

All in all we can say that recipients will open our emails if we do following things repeatedly: solving them problems, saving them money, making them smarter oder entertaining them.

2. Play to your audience

“As social media strategist Jay Baer reminds us we are often not our own audience. So, you shouldn´t necessarily choose subject lines that appeal to you”. The subject line has to be linked to our company, our style and above all to our message we want to send to our audience. uses the example of the clothing company Urban Outfitters and their extraordinary subjects lines like “Top this, A Dress For …, Introducing…” which of course can´t be used in every branch.

3. Don´t guess. Test.

Testing is king – in a lot of situations.


To make it short:

Email marketing is an essential tool but only if used wisely. Email marketing should never be spam, useless, too pushy nor confusing. It has to be timely, catchy, useful and above all trusted.

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