Spectacular Life

What do you want in life?

Keith Cunningham has a lot of great books, audiobooks and seminars. He is one great mind in the scene and if it comes to Doing Business, Buying Businesses or Financial Freedom his stuff is essential.

In one of his seminars he talks about a dialogue he held with his girlfriend about “What do you want in live?

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

Absolutely amazing!

“If you could have one last thought and then you died – what do you want that last thought to be?”

That´s of course a powerful and thought-provoking question!

I LOVE Keith´s answer. We should always keep this in our mind. Day by day thinking about what we can and what we have to do to finally (at the end of our days) be thoroughly happy thinking our “last thoughts before we die”. Thinking about a spectacular life (Always considering – we (almost certainly) only have one).

So, let it be spectacular even if it means do something different, crazy, far away, risky, new, unusual …

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