What is value? Sell benefits

What is value? Sell benefits

Value means helping people.

Chris Guillebeau, author of The $100 StartUp, wrote down some thoughts about value in his book.

When we get stuck, we have to ask ourselves: How can I give more value?

freedomMost important for us is to know the difference between a feature and a benefit. To show us the difference Guillebeau uses a simple but explaining example: A ranch offering great horse ride tours for example has as feature: Horse rides and campfires, but as benefit: Stay with us and become a cowboy! Enjoy Freedom!

So, benefits are not only way easier to sell, it also essential for your brand recognition, your marketing strategy and so on.

When it comes to selling my experience confirms the saying “People don’t like to be sold-but they love to buy” completely. By showing our benefits our goal should be that the other one has to realize these benefits and think “I would be crazy NOT to buy his product”.

Guillebeau wrote down 3 strategies that will help us to offer more value. He uses real examples in his book to show how it works.

Strategy 1: Dig deeper to uncover hidden needs.

His explaning example is about Kyle Hepp, wedding photographer for non traditional photos. Every couple calling him orders non traditional photos of their wedding. But Kyle knows that there is a difference in what clients say they want and what they really want. He knows that the families of the bride and groom may have preferences of their own. So he made non traditional photos as ordered but convinced the couple to just take a few photos the traditional way. No big deal. In the end he sells these kind of pictures almost every time to the families. So everybody is happy.

Strategy 2: Make your customer a hero

Purna Duggirala offered Excel-Workshops in a way it was fun and everybody understands it. It´s not about people learning only using Excel better, it´s about improving them to be a hero at their job. Bosses are impressed of their Excel skills and the new ways the customer is coming up with to optimize old structures. Making our customers a hero is a common marketing tool to get attention or to get products sold. I´ve wrote an short article about this topic last month.

Strategy 3: Sell what people buy

Think more about what people really want than about what you think they need. The most tricky part. But once again: Talking to people and asking them is in most cases just better than thinking about what they could want, need or buy. Market testing is an essential part of a business model.

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