Procrastination and its cure

On my last flight I saw a really good commercial by HSBC Bank who are advertize their support of young businesses and entrepreneurs with financial support.

This is the spot:

Not only quite cool to watch but also very to the point.

The video shows the museum of procrastination. An exhibition of unplayed instruments, given up sports and passed ideas.

Everybody of us fights with procrastination every day. Distractions, lack of focus … that´s a bad cocktail of weakness.

It could be so easy – theoretically:

The most important action is: Starting!

Identify the most important tasks or actions we have to do today and decide to start with just a little part of it. Even for a few minutes without any distraction. Breaking a task in small tasks is way easier to keep control and get things done.

Once started it is way easier to keep going. The start is hardest point when it comes to procrastination.

We know all the needs and urges … those are actually ok. Because we just have to notice this urges, and don´t fall for them. Urges have a very high intensity in the beginning, but then just pass way. Working on a task on the PC and got emails, facebook alerts or something like this? Notice your urge, don´t fall for it and you will see how your focus stays at your running task.

Still: This sounds easier as it is!

Getting into more details with procrastination and the cure of it means to keep different things in mind. Especially the following points:

- Be aware that procrastination is a bad thing to you. How does it affect your life or work? You don´t work out -> you gain in weight / you don´t finish your task on work -> your business is going down …

- Be committed with writing your tasks or/and goals down and keep your friend, partner, colleague updated. Someone who “controls” you keeps you committed.

- Start to recognize your actions of procrastination. You can´t stop opening facebook, need to check emails every 10 minutes or change tasks continously – which of course all of it is completely unnecessary? Recognize this to cure it. Write it down, make yourself reminders, make a game out of it like “everytime I check facebook between a set timeframe I need to do an additional time period of work or an additional task.


Procrastination is one of the toughest things to cure. But little by little, technique by technique we will get us closer to living a life without procrastination :-)


Blogging BaliThis is my last article I posted from beautiful Bali as I´m almost heading back to Germany again. This articles was uploaded at Seminyak, Bali.

That´s, again, were the coverpicture is made.

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