A secret to creative problem solving

A secret to creative problem solving.

Quite a long time ago there was a short but interesting article on entrepreneur.com.

Problem SolutionIt´s about problem solving and the statement by Art Markman that we are often too limited in thinking about solving a problem. Everyone knows the feeling finding ourselves going over and over a problem in your business, only to hit a dead end or draw a blank.

Art Markman points out a simple technique:

Re-describe the problem.

“The whole idea behind creative problem solving is the assumption that you know something that will help solve this problem, but you’re not thinking of it right now,”

Regarding to all the “Different Thinking” practises and theories, we need to stop focussing on the problem with only one description of the problem. We need to take different perspectives, different discriptions. The more ways we describe a problem, the more likely we´ll find a new way to solve it.


Markman names two questions:

1. What type of problem is this?

Don´t limit your creativity. Think abstractly and find the essence of the problem.

2. Who else has faced this type of problem?

Don´t limit your perspective. Look at people who had a similar problem and solved it in radically different ways, look at other branches or other businesses. Markman uses an illustrating example: Dyson, who invented and marketed the vacuum cleaner, found solutions for separating air and dirt by looking at sawmills which also had to separate sawdust from air.


This is acutally a great technique to find new solutions.

It´s kinda impulse for finding new ways.

This reminds me of the McDonalds Theory for starting creative processes.

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