It´s not how good you are, it´s how good you want to be

It´s not how good you are, it´s how good you want to be“It´s not how good you are, it´s how good you want to be” by Paul Arden was my recent read and my newest quick read recommendation. The book is separated in dozens of short 1-2 page chapters which are easy to read and point out their message. Give it 2-3 days and you are through with some new insights and ideas.

I´ve summarized nine quite interesting parts of the book for you, so that you will get a clue what this book is about.


Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.


Do not seek praise, seek criticism.

It´s quite easy to get approval if we ask enough people or those we know that they say what we want to hear. Instead of seeking approval go for “What´s wrong with it? How can I make it better?” – with this question we probably will get criticism and may have the chance to get an improvement on our idea.

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Over 300 tools, apps and services for us recently published a list of over 300 free tools, apps and services.

They call itA Massive List of Free Stuff Made by Awesome People” and it truly is.

It´s sorted by several categories starting with free templates for homepages, wordpress, logos and so on.

Just look trough and I´m sure you´ll finde a lot of interesting stuff you haven´t had in mind using or are paying for already.

What can a nine year old do to become an astronaut?

I´m reading Chris Hadfields “An Astronaut´s Guide to Life on Earth” right now. Chris Hadfield has brought a lot of publicity to space travel since he kept us updated with incredible pictures on his YouTube/Twitter… account while staying on the ISS.

I´m a huge fan of space travel and all the developments in this area within the last years. The ISS, Rosetta, Virgin Galatic … all of them are awesome projects.

The latest book of Hadfield is kind of an autobiography where he shares a lot of insights in his life, the obstacles he faced and the learnings he gained.

Right in his first chapter is a passage of text which is already worth reading the whole book.

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Are You a Lift or Drag Force?

zen habits published an article last week about if we are a lift or drag force.

They start with the fact that our development and our being is highly influenced by the people surrounding us:

In our lives, the people around us lift us up, or they drag us down.

This is nothing new and discussed in a zillion articles, blogs and books. But what I really like in the quick-read article of zen habits, is that they turn the tables.

Which are you? The lift or the drag force on people around you?

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Why Do We Pay To Learn?

Why Do We Pay To Learn? (Repost)

Since I love reading (and buying) books, attending seminars and try to get my daily dose of learning this article is pretty interesting to me.

Chris Brogan, a successfull blogger, President of Human Business Works and great speaker, wrote an article about …

Why Do We Pay To Learn?

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Be so good they can´t ignore you | part 2

A couple of days ago I gave an introduction to Cal Newports “Be so good they can´t ignore you“. The introduction was about Newports first rule “Don´t follow your passion” and the difference between the craftsman mindset and the passion mindset.

So, how can we be so good they can´t ignore us?

Cal Newport starts with pointing out what great jobs make so great. There are traits that define great work:

  • Creativity: Newport gives an example of Ira Glass who is pushing the boundaries of radio and winning armfuls of awards.
  • Impact: From the Apple 2 to the iPhone, Steve Jobs has changed the way we live our lives in the digital age.
  • Control: No one tells Al Merrick when to wake up or what to wear. He is not expected in an office from nine to fice. Instead, his Channel Island Surfboards factory is located a block from the Santa Barbara beach, where Merrick still regularly spends time surfing.

How to get creativity, impact and control in our working lives

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Be so good they can´t ignore you

At the moment I´m reading Cal Newport´s “So good they can´t ignore you – Why skills trump passion in the quest for work you love. This book disproves the common saying of “follow your passion“. I´ll give a short introduction in the book and it´s content. More will follow to complete the remaining parts.

Be so good they cant ignore youNewport set up some rules and cases to show you what is to wrong with this mindset and what we actually can do to become successful and get the jobs we want.

Rule #1: Don´t follow your passion!

Starting with the passion hypothesis:

The key to occupational happiness is to first figure out what you are passionate about and then find a job that matches this passion.

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Everything is my fault

Everything is my fault

Derek Sivers -Anything You WantDerek Sivers gives some food for thoughts in his article Everything is my fault. He starts his article with talking about his book “Anything you want” – which is by the way great and absolutely worth reading. It´s kind of a “quickread” and filled with impressive stories and Derek´s views of life.

This article is definitely a great start for this week!

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The Icebucket Viral-Hit Challenge!

Recently we saw dozens or even hundreds of clips about a (welldiscussed) so called Icebucket Challenge.


The background: The challenge is a movement to promote awareness of the disease ALS. Once you get “nominated” you have to pour a bucket full of ice water on your head within 24 hours and nominate other persons. Can´t you fullfill your nomination you are called to donate some money to the ALS foundation.

The most interesting point of this challenge is its incredible viral success! I can´t even open my Facebook without seing new challenges anymore.

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The genius of value creation

The genius of value creation

Getting a good deal in negotiation is not simply about claming as much value as you can. Often, a much more important (and difficult) task is to create value and increase the size of the pie. Unfortunately, too many negotiators focus most of their energy on claiming value. In doing so, they leave money on the table and walk away confident, satisfied – and also poor.

Remember: to take what is there, you must work with the other side to make what is there. And if you care about your reputation and your relationship with the other party, all the more reason to exercise the genius of value creation.

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