My inspiration for this blog

myinspirationDerek Sivers made an article about The co-op business model: share whatever you´ve got.

He points the co-op/ sharing model out like this:

1. You already have something that people want.

It might be something you own, something you’ve learned how to do, or access to valuable resources, space, or people.

2. Find a way to share it with everyone who needs it.

Share because it’s what you do for friends, because it’s the right thing to do, because it makes the world a better place, and because it’ll make you deeply happy.

Share as your contribution in return for all the things and ideas that people have shared with you.

3. If it takes some effort for you to share it, you can charge a little something for your effort, to ensure that this giving can continue.


When people ask Sivers if he has any suggestions for what kind of business they should get into – he recommends “start by sharing whatever you´ve got”.

This is a well discussed model and as many advantages it has as many lacks it has either. It´s of course not easy and wise for every kind of business – or at least not easy to realize. But the idea is absolutely amazing.


Reading this article let me think about why I´ve started this blog.

Since I´ve started studying entrepreneurship and investing I shared my knowledge with friends and people who are also interested in getting financially educated and in new ways of doing business.

I sent some mails to A and B, got an email from C and talked about whatsoever to D. Talking about what you´ve learn has a lot of benefits – it´s great for yourself because you´ll become a “professional” by repetition and it´s helpful for the others who learn a lot and get new views and ideas.

In the end I found my way to share it – why not running a blog? Sharing it with friends and partners? The benefits have increased enormously. The blog keeps me doing my Golden Hour and I study even harder because I read it, summarize it and make it ready for a blog-entry.

I´ve found a way to share it to A,B,C and D in the same time – and they get all the information instead of only this article or that article. People who are interested can get their information out of my articles, but above all … perhaps people who weren´t interested lose their way to this blog by accident and getting started to be interested.

And that´s our most valuable benefit – getting people interested in entrepreneurship, in improving themselves or doing business. Why? By every question or discussion everybody involved will learn and grow. The bigger the community of “interested people” will be, the more effective it will become and the more everybody will learn, improve and push each other.


And in the end all of us will have the chance to create something spectacular.

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