Same word. Different places. Different meanings.

Same word. Different places. Different meanings.

I´m very happy to share a new blog post by Derek Sivers with you. This one is a quickie but not less important.

Even though we are all using English as a common language, the same word can mean very different things in different places.” (Benjamin Joffe)

I´ve noticed this while studying (cross cultural management) or doing business in Asia and even in some lectures while my master´s degree in Germany. We have not only cultural differences but also different understandings of words and perspectives.


This doesn´t have to be a negative thing. Knowing how to handle this and being open-minded gives us also huge opportunities.

I absolutely love the example Sivers is pointing out. “When I say the word “quality”, what do you think it means?”

Everyone who is doing international business, has cross cultural relationships or just likes traveling – you need to read this one.

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