Marketing is getting the details right

Marketing is getting the details right

Drew McLellan, author of Drew´s marketing minute, tells a great personal story about the importance of details in a company´s marketing.

He uses the hotel branche – Marriott hotels to be exact – and their card keys.

Drew´s full story

He describes the fact that there are different ways hotels print their card keys. Some (mostly cheap) hotels use coupons, some use the cards as a marketing tool.

As an elite member of the Marriott Rewards program he usually gets a card made for elite members. “The card is pretty bland … sort of dull”. He points out that as a frequent consumer he asked himself often why they use so ugly cards compared to other higher end hotel chains – and in the end he found out that they actually have card keys which give the consumers a better feeling of “quality” but they just don´t give them to their best customers.

…every time I check in I think, “why can’t Marriott do better keys than these guys?”


Now I know. They do. They just don’t give them to their most frequent customers.


Is this a big deal? Absolutely not. But — that’s what marketing is. It’s the details. Most businesses get the big stuff right so how you differentiate yourself is in how well you handle the details. In my opinion, Marriott missed the boat on this one.

There is nothing new with “marketing is getting the details right” but it´s once again great to see what details can cause. Great marketing is a combination of a lot of different details and getting some details wrong may cause an unsatified consumer or may disturb a whole marketing concept.

I´m pretty sure all of us know examples like this one in dozens. As I said – nothing new, but still a great reminder of how people can feel about poor details.

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