The magic happens outside the comfort zone

The magic happens outside the comfort zone

Today I want to share some personal thoughts. Thoughts about why I love traveling and why I love getting in touch with new people.

voyageI really love and live the saying “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”


I totally agree; traveling should be more than taking some pictures and spending some days to be on our own just for relaxing – for me it´s broaden my horizon, getting new ideas for my personal life as well as for business and adopting good habits from other cultures … or lay down bad ones.

diversityOnce we spend some time outside our country, our hometown and our comfort zone, we note habits we are used to do that thwart us or hold us back. Habits we won´t note when we´re doing them every day. As people say “fish don´t know they are in water.” To see those habits makes it easier to get rid of them and to improve ourselves.

A traveler is not a tourist. Tourism is staying in our comfort zone. The zone we know, the zone with no surprises and no chance to experience something “different”. The magic happens outside the comfort zone. Get local! By taking an adventurous walk, not using the main road, being interested in “non-touristic” attractions or locals (and actually hanging round with them) we can gain unique experiences – we can see what´s behind the promo photos of all the magazines. Seeing a graffiti telling a story of someone in a back street may tell us more than any commercial tourist hotspot.

lightThere is nothing more interesting than having a beer in a local pub or bar anywhere on this planet – by oneself. Because it gives us no reason not to talk to a stranger - A simple hello can lead to a million things! I won´t miss one single situation when I met someone new by having a beer somewhere and talking to people randomly. I´ve met interesting people, strange people, funny people, people with great advices, later business partners or just people sharing some ideas with me.

 Who shares my thoughts?

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