Loving what I used to hate

I wanna share Derek Sivers recent – super inspiring – blog article about “Loving what I used to hate“.

His introduction points out the whole message; so this is gonna be short:

From now on, when I say I hate something, remind me to add “… today” to the sentence.

How often do we have bad experiences and start “hating” something – and keeping this opinion. Or we haven´t tried something and for some reason just hate it. All of us are actually often biased, we have prejudices, are ignorant or have no experience at all.

Opinions are likely to change at any time, but are much harder to change if you’ve carved out your self-identity, declaring “This is what I love! That is what I hate!”

When I was in school I was used to hate reading. I wouldn´t have imagined that today I love reading, love writing and love learning. I was used to hate it then but was openminded enough to change; to see the benefits of developing myself.

By sticking to Sivers insight we are way more openminded, and open to new situations, ideas and people. We should keep this in mind when ever we are likely to say “Oh I hate this…“.


photo credit: Skley via photopin cc

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