It doesnt have to be modern to win

It doesn´t have to be modern to win

Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works, found an ad on Craigslist for a maid service.

Marlis CleaningIt´s a cheesy and old-fashioned looking ad … but it works. Chris analyzed the whole ad and explained why it actually works.

See the whole story and ad @ It doesn´t have to be modern to win.

Why is this messy ad such a hit?

In the beginning of the ad the author, Marli, shows points WHY the reader should choose her and covers all of the major questions.

After that she added a personal touch to her ad using pictures of her and especially of her “in action”. The focus isn´t a corporate brand – it´s a real person.

She highlighted all the information for contacting her as well. So within a few seconds we´ll get all the information we need about how and when we can reach her.

Chris says “She BURIED me in testimonials“. And of course she uses a lot of testimonials which is actually a powerful marketing tool – especially in the USA. The credibility is put to a higher level and Marli´s ad seems even more personal.

Chris´ conclusion after he was so impressed by her ad and contacting her:

[...] Marli got me to take an action. I contacted her via email. Immediately, I got two auto responses back saying that I’d been received and that they hoped I included my phone number (as had been requested several times in the copy – I did!). It felt very pro to me.


Now, furthermore, it’s important to realize that there are plenty of “typical” plain text ads before and after this. Each of them have their merits and detractions. But Marli? She BURIED me in testimonials. She answered several questions before I even contacted her. She provided me with phone numbers, email addresses, websites, and much more. She gave me everything and asked for my business. She even had a special offer!


You don’t have to be some Pinterest guru to do business. You have to work. You have to put your information out there in a way that will ensure a buyer will take an action. You have to follow up.


We can´t transfer this scheme to any kind of business – of course not. But especially when looking at small businesses there are tons of them out there trying to focus on their product and forgetting about using the “personal”-factor. Gaining credibility through a personal touch, through testimonials and functionality of ads instead of modernity.

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