It´s all who you know?

It´s all who you know?

Derek Sivers talks in his article “It´s all who you know?” about how important a network between people is. He shows us how a simple piece of pizza for a stranger changed his live and why it is actually so easy.

NetworkingThrough his story we can see one more time how incredibly important it is to be well connected. Who doesn´t know cases where people got a job, an order or benefits over another – just because he is well connected.


But what´s even way more important is to me is his second part of the article:

Surrounded by success

Sivers recaps his youth that he was surrounded by successful people, heard their stories, philosophies and mistakes. These people shaped the way he saw the world.

The people you surround yourself with don’t just open doors. They change the way you think, and change your self-image of your capabilities!

And he is so right. Having advantages through a great network is a basis, but how to use this basis we need the right mindset and the drive. So – we shouldn´t go out to meet people for any advantages, we should go out and meet people to learn from them and in the best case learn with them.

I know much of success is luck, but I never realized how much the mindset of success comes from who you know. Luckily, who you know is up to you, not luck.

(Blog-articles regarding to this topics are by the way: 7 Key Habits of Super Networkers, Fishs don´t know they´re in water)

No need to be in the big city

In the end he shows that it has never been easier to get connected or to stay in touch with people. Everybody is online, everywhere are platforms (LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Google+…) to meet new people or discuss any topic.

I meet people from all over Germany at an event and I´m able to send all of them  a message while skyping to my partners from Thailand or texting to people from the US. It has never been easier.


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