It´s all about promotion? Jimmy Kimmel Live, Iphone 5 and Starbucks

It´s all about promotion? Jimmy Kimmel Live, Iphone 5 and Starbucks

Jimmy Kimmel – an US comedian – made a few (kinda) street surveys about products which were going to be launched soon.

For example the iPhone 5 and a new $7 cup of coffee at Starbucks.

First Look: iPhone 5 (YouTube)

The interviewed people were asked about how they like the new design of the iPhone 5 and what they think about the new techniques while letting them play around with the phone in their hands. The people reacted amazed and enthusiastic how great the new iPhone 5 is compared to the older iPhone 4s…

… the funny part is: They got the iPhone 4s in their hands without knowing it.

New 7$ Cup of Coffee at Starbucks (YouTube)

Recently Kimmel asked people if they can differ the tastes of a regular coffee and the new Starbucks 7$ cup. In fact they got the same coffee in both cups.


Besides it´s really amusing to see the people judging about the pretended “new products” they see and try, there is a serious message from the point of view of marketing.

People were excited about a product or at least were driven to be exicted and were obviously influenced by their emotion and expectations. Only because of hearing about the iPhone 5 and how much better it is than the iPhone 4s – but actually holding the iPhone 4s in their hands – they saw the phone irrationally. They convinced themselves that the product they were holding in their hands must be way greater.

Similar procedure at the coffee survey. People were told that one coffee is a “premium” coffee. Without knowing that they actually got two identical coffees they tried to convince themselves that one is definitely better and try to find arguments for their statement. Both groups fooled themselves.

consumer neuroscienceThe surveys are a great example how essential und influencing reputation, expectation, brands and emotions are. Without getting too deep into the theory of marketing and consumer neuroscience, I think the clips are a great impulse for some discussions and above all to deeply think about “how can I use this human behavior for my services and products?“.

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