Increase “yourself” 1000 % formula

Increase “yourself” 1000 % formula

Brian Tracy – entrepreneur, speaker and business coach – made a 10 minutes YouTube clip about his “1000 % formula”.

He speaks about his formula, the Momentum-Principle, the “Golden Hour” and his 7 steps of the 1000 % formula

Summarized he starts his clip with an introdution to Kaizen – the principle of continuous improvement. Brian says we should try to be at least 0,1 % more productive or better EACH day. Is it possible? Of course it is and Brian gives us the following great examples.
At first: Being focused on a project, a startup or whatever, at one point the Momentum-Principle kicks in. “Once you start going it becomes easier and easier to keep going”.

Second: What I like the most because I live the “Golden Hour” principle day by day. Enough people say they are interested in something but “don´t have the time”. If we really want to do or achieve something, there´ll be the time. The “Golden Hour” means that we should get out of our bed every day one hour earlier and spend the whole hour reading a book about whatever we want to do. Entrepreneurship, a product, language, a field in our job… You´ll feel great after starting a day with knowing that you already did something for yourself!

Invest the “Golden Hour” in yourself! (Think like a selfvestor)


Brian talks also about 7 steps to get more productive:

1. Use the “Golden Hour” – we will feel great if we start the day after investing in ourselves!

2. Make a list/ Plan your day in advance

3. Set priorities

4. Start with your most important task

5. Listen to audio programs in your car

6. Ask yourself 2 questions after a call, a meeting, a ….

a.) “What did I do right?

b.) “What would I do differently next time?

Write down your review immediately and don´t make the most people´s mistake: “Don´t ask what did I do wrong?” If we do that our subconscious mind will record those negative reviews as instructions and the next time we are in the same situation we will make the same mistake.

7. Treat everyone you meet like a million dollar customer


Even though the most of the 7 steps are nothing “new” as you can find them in every second “how to get more productive”-article, the 6th point is definitely a great advice.


I want to end this post with what is most important to me in his clip …

… Invest the “Golden Hour” in yourself! (Think like a selfvestor)

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