Imitate. We are imperfect mirrors.

Imitate. We are imperfect mirrors.

Derek Sivers, entrepreneur and artist, wrote an article about imitating. He starts with provoking statements:

You know that song you love, that you wish you wrote? Copy it.

You know that existing business, that you wish you had thought of? Copy it.

His article is a short one but the message has huge impact and is absolutely up2date regarding to all new businesses rising right now.

ImitateWhat he is actually saying: Imitating doesn´t has to be a bad or unethical thing. Imitating also means taking an idea, thinking about it and renew it, make it better oder add your personal features.

Imitating can be a type of innovating.

Take a look at the Samwer brothers. Often called clone kings with their copycats. Their speciality is to do great research of modern markets, take ideas, “clone them”, make them better and push them in new markets.

So, as in many other´s of my articles described: We don´t need to have “the” idea or a revolutionary innovation. Authors like Günther Faltin and many more gave us many ways and techniques to take a closer look on existing products and services and put them into question.

Are they good enough? Are they cheap enough? Are they effective? Are they efficient? What is missing and how can I improve them?
photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

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