Set your own “happy goals” at work

Set your own “happy goals” at work

Goal setting is essential. Laura Garnett made a blog article on about “how to set “happy goals” at work“.


She starts with the statement that being happier can be as simple as shifting to a more positive perspective by using the well-known example of the “half empty or half full glass”.

To bring hapiness to our work or day-to-day job we need to step back and focus on the bigger picture – not only details of our job.

There is an old fable about three bricklayers. When asked what they were doing, the first said, “I am laying bricks.” The second said he was building a wall. The third said he was building a magnificent cathedral. This story illustrates the importance of connecting what you are doing every day to your own personal purpose. Once that is clear, you can begin to think about goals that are aligned with your talent.

Laura Garnett shares five tips to bring happiness to our work:

  1. Personalize your company´s mission to your own.
  2. Align your talent to your job´s goal.
  3. Create short-term monthly goals that challenge and excite you. [Every month, examine what your employer expects you to achieve versus what you personally want to achieve]
  4. Reward yourself for achieving your goals. [Celebrating successes is part of enjoying the process]
  5. Ensure you´re focused on the process, rather than just the goal. [Pay attention to the actual goals. Don´t focus only on the feeling of accomplishment that will come once it´s done. When you are focused on the process not the outcome, you will enjoy your work more]

I´m a big fan of setting personal goals. That´s why I really like her approach. Set personal goals also for your day-to-day job, enjoy the process of work and be happier. We spend so much time doing work on so many different things that we need to do this in the most possitive way possible.

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