Content Marketing that gets you buyer

Content Marketing that gets you buyer

Chris Brogan uses an interesting headline in his article:

“You can write for your idea-spreaders, and you can write for your buyers. One gets you seen and the other gets you business. I say do both.”

His claim is “make your buyer the hero“.

Times when people wanted to be just entertained are changing. Brogan names it – he says buyers are thinking: I´ve really gotta up my game. I wonder what … has for me that will improve my universe.

He gives example like if you are trying to do business with banks, write a post that would help them understand their processes better and if you are trying to encourage people to hire you to paint their house, shoot a quick video that shows your five steps for getting a house ready for your people.

A lot of Germany companies got it as well. When you watch commercials on TV you´ll see videos by Hornbach where it´s all about the people. They show the “customers” as heroes of their gardens, their projects. People feel encouraged to be a D.I.Y.-hero. (And the clips are pretty catchy as well).

Just a few examples: Niemand fühlt es so wie du and Und jetzt du

Chris Brogan wrote two clear examples of post titles to get it right:

1. How my amazing company saved some bunch of clueless people a lot of money

2. How Smith´s Apothecary spent 42% less on advertising last year, and how YOU can too!

With the second post title he made the reader the hero and asks him for action.

Chris BroganIn the second half of his article Brogan talks about wasting content, about what to do if a product is boring and how to convince the boss. You should definitely give it a try – it´s a quickread with some interesting advices we can adopt easily.

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