I would rather give my billions to Elon Musk than charity

I would rather give my billions to Elon Musk than charity

This morning BusinessInsider posted a short article about Larry Page.

The google CEO said he would rather give his money to capitalists (like Elon Musk – founder of SolarCity and Tesla Motors) than to charity. Capitalists have big ideas for changing the world.

His statement or even call to everybody is kinda provocative but reminds me actually of a former article I posted last year. -> The way we think about charity is dead wrong.

Both statements are a great basis for deeper discussions, both are definitely eyeopeners and impulses to rethink our way we see charity. Page´s statement gets way more understandable after watching Dan Pallottas TED talk about charity.

If you haven´t done it yet, use the next 20 minutes to watch his TED talk. It´s worth it!

So, what do you think about Page´s and Pallottas arguments and statements?

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