It´s not how good you are, it´s how good you want to be

It´s not how good you are, it´s how good you want to be“It´s not how good you are, it´s how good you want to be” by Paul Arden was my recent read and my newest quick read recommendation. The book is separated in dozens of short 1-2 page chapters which are easy to read and point out their message. Give it 2-3 days and you are through with some new insights and ideas.

I´ve summarized nine quite interesting parts of the book for you, so that you will get a clue what this book is about.


Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.


Do not seek praise, seek criticism.

It´s quite easy to get approval if we ask enough people or those we know that they say what we want to hear. Instead of seeking approval go for “What´s wrong with it? How can I make it better?” – with this question we probably will get criticism and may have the chance to get an improvement on our idea.

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Over 300 tools, apps and services for us recently published a list of over 300 free tools, apps and services.

They call itA Massive List of Free Stuff Made by Awesome People” and it truly is.

It´s sorted by several categories starting with free templates for homepages, wordpress, logos and so on.

Just look trough and I´m sure you´ll finde a lot of interesting stuff you haven´t had in mind using or are paying for already.

Want to rock your finances? Use this kind of sheet and 10 seconds everyday…

If you want complete control over your finances, read this! My routine will costs you 10 seconds and brings lots of benefits. This is one of my most important articles I´ve ever published on

I know, there are some tools and apps out there already. But with the following simple sheet I have a COMPLETE overview over all my assets, earnings, expenses and so on. I don´t have to worry about data in any cloud or online service and it literally costs me 10 seconds to keep it running.


Why have I started this sheet?

Everybody knows this situation: After a month or week you are asking yourself where your money went because you actually only were out for having 2-3 beers, were shopping a bit and bought some food and stuff. No big deal, but a load of money is gone. How much we really spend day to day, we just don´t have a clue about.

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