Richard Branson on Building a Brand

Richard Branson on Building a Brand

Today´s quicky: During a charity discussion with enigma magazine in 2012 Richard Branson was asked about “brands” and building them. Even though this interview is only 3-minutes short, it shares some important statements and is pretty interesting.

Through his amazing story about how his airline Virgin was born he shares his insights on building a brand.

It´s interesting to see how he ran into this amazing business opportunity to start his own airline. Branson saw himself never as a businessman but caught himself many times thinking “we can do so much better than this” in different situation.

By solving problems and serving needs he´s built up an empire and grew as well as protected Virgin as a globally known and mostly respected brand.

Branson says that a brand or our name is simply our reputation and nothing is more important than fighting to protect our reputation.

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