What´s on my bookshelf – and what about yours?

Hey all,

this weekend I finally made myself an overview of the books I´ve read so far and of those I´ve still on my list.

Since it´s always a topic to talk about what books one has read and which books I recommend I listed them with some subjective ratings.


Please keep in mind that those ratings are very subjective and depend on the time and situation when I´ve read a particular book. For example: I rated Kiyosaki´s book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” with a great rating. Not because it´s high quality content but because it was one of the first book I´ve read and it´s inspiring for everybody who is starting out. On the other hand I rated Suze Orman´s “9 Steps to Financial Freedom” with a low rating because when I´ve read it this book hasn´t had anything new or special to say.

So focus on my “recommendations” instead:

Author   Book Title Recom-mended Rating
Allen Robert Multiple streams of income . 3
Arden Paul It´s not how good you are, it´s how good you want to be Yes 4
Berkun Scott The Year without Pants Yes 4
Blank Steve The startup owner´s manual . .
Branson Richard Like a Virgin . 4
Branson Richard The Virgin Way . 4
Branson Richard Screw it, let´s do it . 3
Buffet Warren Lessons for investors and managers . 3
Carnegie Dale How to win friends & influence people . 3
Collings Jim Good To Great Yes 4
Dawkins Richards The Magic of Reality Yes 5
de Roos Dolf Real Estate Riches . 4
Dobelli Rolf Die Kunst des klaren Denkens . 3
Ducker Chris Virtual Freedom Yes 3
Elrod Hal Morning Miracle (Summary) Yes 4
Faltin Günther Brains vs Capital Yes 5
Ferriss Tim The 4 hour work week Yes 4
Ferriss Tim The 4 hour body . 2
Frankl Viktor Man´s search for meaning . 3
Fried Jason ReWork Yes 4
Gallo Carmine Talk Like Ted . 3
Gladwell Malcolm Outliers . 3
Guillebeau Chris The $100 startup Yes 4
Hadfield Chris Anleitung zur Schwerelosigkeit . 4
Hagstrom Robert T. The Warren Buffet Way . 3
Harnish Verne Scaling Up . .
Hawking Stephen A brief history of time . 4
Hill Napoleon Think and grow rich . 4
Hofert Svenja Das Slow Growth Prinzip . .
Hofert Sven Existenzgründung im Team . .
Hörhan Gerald Investment Punk . 4
Hsieh Tony Delivering Happiness Yes 4
Johnson Spencer Who moved my cheese Yes 4
Kabani Shama The zen of social media marketing . 3
Kiyosaki Robert T. Rich Dad, Poor Dad Yes 4
Kiyosaki Robert T. Cashflow Quadrant . 2
Kiyosaki Robert T. Unfair Advantage . 2
Kiyosaki Robert T. Conspiracy of the rich . 2
Kiyosaki Robert T. Increase your financial IQ . 2
Kiyosaki Robert T. Why A students work for C students . .
Kiyosaki Robert T. The real book of real estate . 2
Kleon Austin Steal Like an Artist . 3
Kreuter Dirk Umsatz Extrem Yes 5
Kreuz Peter Different Thinking . 3
Malholtra Deeprak Negotiation Genius Yes 4
Malhotra Deeprak I moved your cheese Yes 4
Merath Stefan Der Weg zum erfolgreichen Unternehmer . 2
Moore Geoffrey A. Crossing the Chasm . 4
Newport Cal So good they can´t ignore you Yes 4
Orman Suze The 9 steps to financial freedom . 2
Osterwalder Alexander Business Model Generation . 4
Pressfield Steven Turning Pro Yes 3
Ries Eric The Lean Startup Yes 4
Sawtschenko Peter Rasierte Stachelbeeren . 3
Sivers Derek Anything you want Yes 4
Stone Douglas Difficult Conversations . 3
Taleb Nassim The Black Swan Yes 4
Trump Donald Why we want you to be rich . 3
Trump Donald Midas Touch . 2
Trump Donald How to get rich . 2
Tsu Sun The Art of War . .
Vujicic Nick Life without limits . .

That´s it for now.

My favorite TED talks are listed in a former blog article: My favorite top 9 TED – talks

In an upcoming article I´ll list my favorite blogs I´m following at the moment. You´ll find any sort of blogs in that list from business to entrepreneurship to markting to zen habits.

What about your bookshelf?

Post your recommendation as comment or leave me a note at timo@selfvestors.net

4 thoughts on “What´s on my bookshelf – and what about yours?

  1. Thanks for sharing! Read some of them too. Any book suggestion with maintopic Social Network Marketing (FB, G+, Twitter…) for me?


    • I´m actually following a few blogs about social media marketing. I´ll post them at the end of February. Blogs are mostly more specific and up to date with particular cases and activities.

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