What can a nine year old do to become an astronaut?

I´m reading Chris Hadfields “An Astronaut´s Guide to Life on Earth” right now. Chris Hadfield has brought a lot of publicity to space travel since he kept us updated with incredible pictures on his YouTube/Twitter… account while staying on the ISS.

I´m a huge fan of space travel and all the developments in this area within the last years. The ISS, Rosetta, Virgin Galatic … all of them are awesome projects.

The latest book of Hadfield is kind of an autobiography where he shares a lot of insights in his life, the obstacles he faced and the learnings he gained.

Right in his first chapter is a passage of text which is already worth reading the whole book.

Hadfield grew up in Canada. He was nine years old when he watched the moon landing of the US on television. This was the moment when he´s felt in love with space traveling and that he wants to become an astronaut. In those days Canada had no space programme and it wasn´t allowed for Canadians to be an astronaut in the US. To make it simple: The basis was pretty poor or the chances were almost zero for a Canadian to become an astronaut at all.

But young Hadfield – knowing the situation – thought for himself: “Even there is no programme, no manual, no one to ask – there is only one chance to become an astronaut: I have to consider what an astronaut would do in the age of nine and immediatly start to act like an astronaut. I can start right now. Would an astronaut eat vegetables or chips? Get up late or early to read a book?”

This way of thinking is just incredibly inspiring and can be transfered to so much more.

I want to be an entrepreneur, a business owner or an investor – even there are no programmes, manuals or people to ask for help, I can immediately start acting, thinking and living like one. I can get up one hour earlier before work, school or whatsoever and read a book or collect information about the field I want to become an expert in.

Starting to think and act like the person we want to be is the first step to become an expert in the field we want to step in. Step by step we can achieve more and become more exactly this person.


photo credit: pasukaru76 via photopin cc

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