My 50th post published on

This is my 50th post published on since the blog was started in December 2012.

Besides my joy of writing entries, summarizing books and articles and sharing all this stuff, I´m happy about all the reactions I´ve got. It´s always a pleasure to talk with people about entrepreneurship, business and so on. I appreciate your recognition and participation – Thanks!

I´m so looking forward to the rest of 2013 – it´s full of challenges and opportunities. I´ll keep you up2date sharing information from blogs, books and seminars.

Because it´s my 50th post it seemed obvious to play around with the “50″. So I´m sharing 2 links to “50 habits”-mingle-mangles. There are actually some pretty interesting points listed:

Top 50 Habits You Should Break in 2013

50 Habits of Highly Successful People

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