The 10.000 hour rule to become a grandmaster in anything

Those who have read Malcolm Gladwells „Outliers“ know his 10.000 hour rule pretty well.

Gladwells states that one who practices something for 10.000 hours will become a grandmaster of this field.

Learning something like coding, a skill, a language or something else for 10.000 hours will so get us to the point where we can call us professionals. He extremely simplifies it but he points out his message clearly.

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Fish don´t know they´re in water


Fish don´t know they´re in water

A lot of people already talked and philosophized about this topic. Once again Derek Sivers shows his experiences and let us think about the saying “fish don´t know they´re in water“.
He is so right with culture in general and even local culture of your community, family and friends.

Definitely a worth reading 3-4 minutes quick read.