What can a nine year old do to become an astronaut?

I´m reading Chris Hadfields “An Astronaut´s Guide to Life on Earth” right now. Chris Hadfield has brought a lot of publicity to space travel since he kept us updated with incredible pictures on his YouTube/Twitter… account while staying on the ISS.

I´m a huge fan of space travel and all the developments in this area within the last years. The ISS, Rosetta, Virgin Galatic … all of them are awesome projects.

The latest book of Hadfield is kind of an autobiography where he shares a lot of insights in his life, the obstacles he faced and the learnings he gained.

Right in his first chapter is a passage of text which is already worth reading the whole book.

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Are You a Lift or Drag Force?

zen habits published an article last week about if we are a lift or drag force.

They start with the fact that our development and our being is highly influenced by the people surrounding us:

In our lives, the people around us lift us up, or they drag us down.

This is nothing new and discussed in a zillion articles, blogs and books. But what I really like in the quick-read article of zen habits, is that they turn the tables.

Which are you? The lift or the drag force on people around you?

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