The Miracle Morning – The not so obvious secret guaranteed to transform your life before 8am

This masterpiece “The Miracle Morning – The not so obvious secret guaranteed to transform your life before 8am” by Hal Elrod is about becoming a better version of ourselves. A way we can improve our health, happiness, productivity, success, relationships and any field of our lives.

By having an own Miracle Morning routine we do by setting the alarm 1 hour earlier, we can start our day extremely positive and learn how to handle stress and become more focused.

Miracle Morning is not only a book but a community where thousands of people already shared their success stories. For many people it would be no chance to set the alarm one hour earlier but it is only our mindset. Once you get your intrinsic motivation waking up is not only no problem anymore – it will become a motivation.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

-          Albert Einstein

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Don´t over think it, or: stop being a maximizer!

Monday quicky on decision making: Decision making is one of the toughest daily activities we have to master. Jocely K. Glei posted an interesting article on 99u about this very topic and points out clearly that there isn´t any hard rule to stick on. It´s a process we can improve with every little decision we make day by day.

Studying different approaches and theories Glei shares her key findings and starts out with the most interesting one.

Satisficers vs Maximizers

This finding is very important and I can find myself in the characteristics of an maximizers quite often. She quotes Herbert Simon:

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ReWork – change the way you work forever

ReWork – Change the way you work forever by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

We have something new to say about building, running and growing (or not growing) a business” – this is how the book starts.

The book is written by the founders of e.g. base camp. They share their experiences with us in this book. What follows isn´t very academic or theoretical – it´s more a sequence of advices and experiences which are definitely true and sometimes eye-opening because of their visualization/ explanation.

At first: This book is worth reading and especially because of its shorts chapters (every topic has only 1-3 pages) it´s kinda quick read. I disagree to 3 or 4 of those dozens of chapters but almost all of them are worth considering.

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„just tell me what to do“: Compressing books into directives

I´ve read a few dozens of books and uncountable blog articles on the internet about business, marketing and entrepreneurship in the last years. In the beginning I read as many books as possible – soaking them in but recognizing that I forget most of the information a book offered me after reading the next 2-3 books.

I started summarizing them to get more out of the books and being able to re-read them from time to time.

Once started summarizing and sharing them with friends I started my blog selfvestors because this was way easier to share the insights I got from books and articles which everybody who might be interested.

This is my kinda 3-stage-process of reading a book. Reading, summazing and compressing for my blog. Through repetition and summarizing I can get the most value out of the book.

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Setting Goals or Focusing on Processes?

Setting Goals or Focusing on Processes?

IFinish Line´m a huge fan of goal setting. In my eyes we need to write down goals and do my best to stick to them. But recently I read an article on about “Forget Setting Goals

The author, James Clear, has a opposed view of goals. And even I´m still setting goals – he has some mindful thoughts.


What is wrong with setting goals?

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The 10.000 hour rule to become a grandmaster in anything

Those who have read Malcolm Gladwells „Outliers“ know his 10.000 hour rule pretty well.

Gladwells states that one who practices something for 10.000 hours will become a grandmaster of this field.

Learning something like coding, a skill, a language or something else for 10.000 hours will so get us to the point where we can call us professionals. He extremely simplifies it but he points out his message clearly.

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Fish don´t know they´re in water


Fish don´t know they´re in water

A lot of people already talked and philosophized about this topic. Once again Derek Sivers shows his experiences and let us think about the saying “fish don´t know they´re in water“.
He is so right with culture in general and even local culture of your community, family and friends.

Definitely a worth reading 3-4 minutes quick read.

Stumbling on Happiness

I´ve just read “Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert. Almost 10 years old and not everything is new for an ambitious reader but Gilbert shares some great insights and results of his studies of happiness.

Gilbert HappinnessUp front I gotta say that this book is easy to read and it´s absolutely worth it. Some of his theses are eyeopening or at least thought provoking.

The beginning of the book is about “how much of what you do is for you NOW and how much is to please you in the FUTURE“. All of us are very future-focused and do actions often to please our future-us. Do you know that the human beings are the only animals that think about the future?

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